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Dynapower, Stratopower, Vickers

The 53WK570 series starter was the original industry standard, designed specifically for aeroderivative turbine engines. The starter features a built-in overrunning clutch that disengages the starter when the turbine reaches cut-out speed. The servo control maximizes horsepower for smooth and fast starts.

Solar Turbines also use Dynapower hydraulic starters similar, but without the built-in overrunning clutch.

Hydra Service designs and manufactures custom, fully-integrated hydraulic start skids, the PowerPack, using a Dynapower pump to drive the starter. We have a wide horsepower range to accommodate wash cycles, motoring the turbine and the start cycle, and can include custom options like soft-starts, sound abatement, and redundant critical components. 

Dynapower, Stratopower, & Vickers hydraulic starters for aeroderivative turbines in Power Generation.

Hydra Service can support all types of turbines. Making big things move is our specialty. 

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