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Clean Start Conversion

Go Green Initiative Starts With PowerPack

Clean Start Service Delivered With Single-Skid Starter for Turbines

Hydra Service is now offering the first-of-its-kind single-skid starter soluion for turbines. We have had amazing success with municipalities converting them from black start to clean start applications. Save time, save money, eliminate emissions with the PowerPack by Hydra Service.

With increasing carbon taxes and environmental awareness, now is the best time to convert air-start turbines to hydraulic. The typical GE LM2500 air starter vents a staggering 31,000 ft³ (~875m³) of natural gas. With proposed taxes of ~$0.10/m³ = $87.50 per minute of startup. Add in wash cycles and we get a ton of gas vented to the atmosphere, resulting in carbon levies and lower profit. With a startup time of just 10 minutes (not even factoring in that air starts often take multiple attempts), the tax alone is $850 per start. PowerPack eliminates this expense and hassle, rapidly paying for itself. Across a fleet of turbines, PowerPack saves dozens of employee hours and tens of thousands of dollars. 

Hydra Service manufactures the Dynapower/Vickers starter motor, pump, and controls for both. PowerPack is a one-skid integrated solution that includes an electric motor, tank, filtration system, and electrical panel. The starter pumps and motors have a long history with GE and Pratt & Whitney (Mitsubishi) turbines, and our two-speed motor with integrated clutch assembly, is the lightest assembly available and will last well-beyond the Manual runtime limit of 20,000 hours.

All products from Hydra Service come with a 2-year warranty, and with proper maintenance, you can expect a long service life, like our longtime customers brag about here. 

powerpack single skid turbine starter with pump and motor

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