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Hydra Service is proud to offer an extensive inventory of OEM Dynapower pumps, motors, parts, and service.

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Hydra Service has been dedicated to providing products and services in a way that makes customers want to do business with us. Our skilled staff and expert technicians (average tenure is 12 years) have a reputation for doing things the right way. We are a family that takes pride in our product, home, and industry.

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Dynapower New Pumps & Motors

The Tulsa-based hydraulic pumps provider at Hydra Service offers OEM Dynapower hydraulics, pumps and motors, along with a large selection of Linde and Sunstrand products.


Linde | Dynapower

In addition to our Hydra manufactured Dynapower OEM line, Hydra Service also has a full-service Linde repair facility. The service professionals’ Linde motor supplies and Linde parts selection are among the best available.


Our Team

The experienced staff of engineers and on-site hydraulic machine shop offer customers an expert opinion coupled with our reliable Dynapower Authorized Service Center and Linde Certified Service Center.


Hydrostatic Pumps

Hydra Service manufactures our Dynapower product line with state of the art CNC machining centers. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and supply our Dynapower products to companies all over the world.

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Hydra Service offers an extensive inventory of Dynapower hydrostatic pumps, motors and parts.

Hydra Service is the only Dynapower OEM supplier. We manufacture new Generation II design Dynapower units; however, we can also supply many parts for repair of the older Phase III and Phase IV designs. We offer new hydrostatic starters, pumps, motors and parts for repair. We also offer factory repairs with very fast turnaround times to keep your equipment operating. Dynapower was the largest manufacturer of hydrostatic transmissions (axial piston pumps and motors) and was headquartered in Watertown, New York. In the early 1990’s, Dynapower was purchased by Vickers and then by Eaton Corp a few years following. Throughout the changes in ownership, Hydra Service, Inc. has been building Dynapower components, repairing Dynapower hydraulics, and providing parts for Dynapower products.