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The Gas Turbine Association (GTA), A Unified Voice Emphasizing the Important Role of Gas Turbine Technology in the United States, is pleased to Welcome Hydra Service as a New Member in 2022


 Tulsa, OK. – Hydra Service®, LLC, a leading name in Dynapower and Linde parts repair as well as manufacturing, is becoming the newest member of The Gas Turbine Association (GTA) in 2022. 

Sal DellaVilla, Managing Director of GTA stated, “The gas turbine industry is facing many challenges as the US moves towards carbon neutrality. As an industry we know that our technology is as important as ever to ensure reliable, affordable, and flexible energy to meet a growing demand.  GTA works to support this with our industry partners, like Hydra Service, to ensure that all aspects of the gas turbine market have a voice in shaping our energy future. We look forward to Hydra Service’s participation and leadership.”

For over 30 years, quality is what has set Hydra Service apart – quality parts, quality repairs, and quality service. For hydrostatic test pump service and turbine starter overhauls, the Dynapower and Linde hydraulic professionals at Hydra Service set the industry standard. The GTA welcomes companies such as Hydra Service and values their important collaboration with our members. 

Matthew Webber, President of Hydra Service, said: “The team at Hydra Service is excited to join a group that focuses on such a critical mission. We expect to learn and contribute to GTA’s ongoing mission and look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us as companies and an industry.”

Today, gas turbines produce over one-third of our nation’s electricity and power a substantial portion of our nation’s pipeline infrastructure, representing an installed base of thousands of operating assets. Gas turbine technology provides the best attributes:

  • Variation in offerings from small to large gas turbines – making it suitable for an extraordinarily broad array of applications
  • Operational flexibility – that will provide power security to the growing renewable portfolio
  • Achieve a significantly lower environmental impact when compared to other energy technologies
  • Substantial gain in plant efficiencies in Combined Heat and Power applications

About the Gas Turbine Association (GTA)

The GTA is a membership organization established in 1995 and has a mission to serve as a unified voice for the Gas Turbine Industry. Today, Gas Turbines produce more than a third of our nation’s electricity. They are a cornerstone energy conversion technology, providing electricity and heat for industries and communities. Gas turbines will play an increasingly important role in the achievement of national objectives related to energy and the environment and will play a key role as part of the Energy Mix moving forward.

About Hydra Service

We make big things move. Hydra Service is the OEM source for Dynapower products, and our service team has 100+ years of combined experience in the industry. We started with hydraulic pumps and motors and now also manufacture and service turbine starters and the fully integrated, single-skid PowerPack. We run a full-service machine shop with the latest CNC equipment and a custom-built test stand to verify the integrity of every unit we produce. The biggest names in energy, construction, and commerce put us to the test every day— satisfaction is guaranteed. 

To inquire about membership or partnership opportunities with the Gas Turbine Association (GTA) please visit https://gasturbine.org 


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