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40-Year-Old Hydraulic Manufacturing Company Plans to Revitalize Brand and Invest in Technology, Innovation, and R&D to Develop New Product Lines

 Tulsa, OK. – Hydra Service®, industry-leading manufacturer of Dynapower pumps, motors and turbine starters, announced today the company has been purchased by a local manufacturing investment group, led by business professional Mick Webber. The team has manufactured thousands of units in its 40 years of service, many remaining in service for decades. Now, the new ownership and existing management are committed to servicing and replacing old equipment, developing new products, opening channels to market, and attracting different customer segments.

 “When I started Hydra Service in 1981, we were a four-man shop that primarily serviced oilfield equipment,” said former owner Rick Bentley. “Over time, our focus shifted in response to market conditions however our absolute focus on quality and people is unchanged. In fact, the three guys I started out with 42 years ago still work here, giving our customers a feeling of certainty that you just don’t get anymore. I am proud of the work we’ve done, and I’m excited for the next chapter in Hydra Service’s story with new ownership and their expertise in manufacturing, innovation, and growth.”

 “We see incredible potential for Hydra Service to continue to grow its legacy products and tremendous opportunity as we focus on the energy and hydraulics space,” said Webber. “Whether we install turbine starters for city power, massive pumps for mega cranes and construction, or centrifuges for the chemical and medical industries, we offer industry-leading products backed by the undisputed experts who manufacture and service the units that keep the lights on and industry moving across the globe.”

 The Dynapower brand is more than 50 years old and has been bought, sold, and traded by some of the world’s largest companies. Originally a product line of New York Air Brake, the Dynapower hydraulics line was also owned by Eaton and Vickers before spinning off into various product lines. Ultimately, it ended up in Tulsa, with Hydra Service as the final OEM. With proper maintenance, the pumps and motors have no expiry date, and it is common to see 40-year-old components return to our Tulsa location for service, with a quick turnaround for further field operation.

 New ownership and management endeavors to preserve the brand’s core principles of “doing business the right way and never sacrificing quality” while pushing hard to drive greater value for more customers. Revitalization of the brand includes enhanced marketing, developing a sales team, and modernizing the website, ERP and CRM infrastructure to provide the same level of service on the back-end that clients demand from Dynapower products on the front-end.

 For more information about Hydra Service, visit hydraservice.com.

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 About Hydra Service: Hydra Service was founded in 1981 in Tulsa, OK. Hydra Service is the leader in Dynapower and Linde repair and OEM manufacturing. Our turbine starters, fuel pumps, and motors are used on turbines worldwide. Learn more at hydraservice.comGreen and black hydraulic pumps on display shelves