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Dynapower OEM Licensing for Hydra Service

We are proud to announce that Hydra Service signed an agreement with Eaton to become the licensed Dynapower OEM. We have supported the Dynapower product line for over 30 years with new, remade, repair and parts sales. In 2010 Eaton closed their facility in Memphis where they manufactured the Dynapower line and outsourced all of the manufacturing to Hydra Service in Tulsa, OK. After many months of negotiating, Hydra Service and Eaton have finally signed a licensing agreement which makes Hydra Service the only source for all of the Dynapower OEM product line. Since we already have full manufacturing capabilities we can supply any Dynapower product to the market including all frame sizes of the Generation II design hydrostats and the 53WK5700 series turbine starters.

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